We try and offer low prices because we are here to help you. Please see our price list below you are always back paying for your visits. We do not accept Insurance for your Visits, you are more then welcome to bill your insurance yourself.

Intake- $175.00- This is your first appointment with us. We have you pay this before making your appointment and this is non-refundable. At this appointment you will be expected to arrive at least 90 minutes before you see the physician to fill out your intake packet. You will be with the physician for up to a hour for your intake appoint and at least 2.5 hours in office total.

Weekly appointments-$75.00- Usually you are given a weeks appointment after intake this is so we can access you and how you are doing on the medication. Depending on your treatment you may be put on weekly appointments per the physician.

Bi-Weekly Appointments-$140.00-After your one week visit you will be given a two week visit possibly to access again that you are still doing well before you are pushed to a month. This all depends on your treatment.

Three Week Visits-$175.00- These visits are up to the provider and what they think is best so you may come back for a three week visit per their request.

Monthly visits- $195.00- These are every 28 days per the medical board. These are visits we have you come in monthly for.

There are other various weekly rates based on missing weekly appointments. You will be made aware of these when you call to push a appointment or move a appointment out. Which we DO NOT reccommend. 

We have other various fees please see below.

Late Fee- $20.00- we expect patients to be here on time. On time is 15 minutes before your listed appointment time on your reminder card.

Rescheduling Fee- $45.00- We expect that our patients are mindful of the scheduled hours we have we expect a call 24-48 hours before your scheduled appointment time to cancel your appointment.We also expect you to NOT push your appointment out a week but things happen we understand this but this will also accure the 45.00 charge. 

Insurance Filing fee- $30.00 a year- We will send your insurance claims for you for a fee, this does not mean that insurance will reimburse you for coming here, but we will file the claims for you.