“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

About US

Our practice is here to help our patients as much as possible to try and make

sure you receive the best of healthcare. Since pain can rarely be eliminated,

our main goal is working with our patients to minimize the pain, improve

function, and increase quality of life. 

Our practice also assists in helping with you overcoming the battle of Opioid

Dependency. We provide a non-judgmental, honest level of care. We have

multiple providers who are trained and available to help with your care.

The radio interview and the TED talk below present valuable information but in

different contexts. We feel both are correct. Buprenorphine is a miracle drug,

allowing people with Opioid Use Disorder to live normal lives, much as Insulin

allows Diabetics to live normal lives. Both are disorders or diseases, one of

the brain, the other of the pancreas. People say “well, he/she chose that..”,

and I say, did the child hospitalized at age 13 after a motor vehicle accident

and placed on opioids for 6 months, “choose” to be Opioid Dependent?

People with the issues that we treat need our respect, patience, humility, in

recognizing that many of us could be in the same position. We try to meet

people where they are at. Our program is not for everyone but this information

is for everyone. Hope you enjoy the data, thoughts, impressions, and concern

for this group of people that I thoroughly enjoy treating.


David N Russell MD

Please feel free to listen to Dr. David Russell radio interview in regards to Opioid Addiction.

Please feel free to view this TED TALK video in regards to addiction.